March 1, 2010

Happy Monday

Morning friends! How was your weekend? Are you as ready as I am to go outdoors? I love spring, it's not too hot and not too cold it's just right. Perfect weather for parks, riding bikes and al fresco dining. And this year for me gardening.

Yes it's true I'm going to see if my thumb turns even the slightest hint of green. Yesterday at my in-laws they made a huge raised bed and the kids helped plant lots of herbs and a few veggies. So even though it's at my in-laws house we are required to go over and help with the gardening duties. I'm totally excited and crossing my fingers that it turns out well. So any gardening tips from you green thumbs? I'm all ears.
{image from Epicurious}


Tina said...

Mean and Chris have been wanting to do that for while. My mom has a wonderful one and so does my MIL. We ate at Joe's and talked to the GM. Did you know you can lease a row at their farm and tend your own crop!

dreamday said...

this is where i'm at. want to garden but am totally clueless where to start. i'll let you be my guide! and i love the idea of leasing a row at agritopia. what a cool concept... joe is a genius!!

Lavender and Lilies said...

I wish I was a green thumb. I am not but I want to be. I usually end up digging up most things I plant and replanting my containers halfway through summer. I have good intentions though and I love it.

biobabbler said...

A good way to start (although you already have) is to go to a good, locally-owned nursery (not huge lumber store). They'll know what works well where you live, and WHEN to plant what. This will help tons.

And think about what you eat a lot.

Whatever you like to eat and grows well where you are, plant that. =)

And don't plant too much. Don't wanna get overwhelmed.

The first year I lived here (Sierra foothills) I planted three 6-packs of tomatoes in March (it was very warm), told co-workers and they laughed out loud. Sure enough, all but 3 were frost killed. Now I don't plant toms till mid-May. =)

Have fun and best of luck. =)

Mely said...

My husband and I just started a veggie garden and started with seeds, which we put in these expandable dirt disks that are great because when the roots start growing you can take the disks and plant the whole unit into your garden! It took so long for the seeds to sprout though, so I would recommend buying some plants, such as tomatoes, already grown. I also agree that you should ask at your local nursery which types of fruits & veggies will grow best for your area. Some flowers also help with certain veggies as well, so ask about that. My husband just built the raised planter bed this week, which I plan on posting soon...very easy and cheap to make out of Red Wood. I must say it's been a lot of fun watching the seeds grow into plants and we can't wait to see the fruits of our labor! Best of luck and have fun!