March 11, 2010

I question

As a mother I often wonder:

{The kids and I had a picnic in the yard for dinner on a particularly nice day. Fun was had by all as you can see with the girl scout cookie remnants on Big's mouth}

Will my kids be happy?
Am I a freak for being the mom that can't deal with Lunchables?
Do I let them eat too much sugar?
Are they happy at school?
Are they learning all they should?
Do I push them too hard?
Will they be nice people when they grow up?
Will my future daughter-in-laws like me?
Will Little be an actor when he grows up? He's not called Drama for nothing.
I wonder if they'll ever be sick of spaghetti?
Will they ever break a bone?
What will happen to them when something happens to our dogs?
Do they have any allergies that I don't know about?

And this is all stuff that I think of driving to the groc. Thankfully for me these thoughts are so fleeting and really I think I know the answers to most of these questions. What is it about these little guys that make us want to be the best possible people/mothers/teachers that we can be? Surely I can't be the only one who thinks these crazy thoughts, right?


Heather said...

Of course you're not the only one! Who doesn't think these things?

lizziefitz said...

I gaged when you said lunchables!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Thanks Heather!

Let me clarify I totally object to Lunchables they're gross. I just wonder if Big will ever ask me to purchase them for him. Let's hope it's always no.

Pearl said...

I have been blogging for years and just came back to Blogger a few days ago.
Read through your posts...Sounds like you are a great mom and I love the fact you want the "Mad Men" Dolls.
Please feel free to visit me.
Take care,

Pink Wallpaper said...

sarah, you have no idea....i had a melt down when warren came home from target w/ some tomboyish outfits and a red and blue book bag for taylor. when we were driving, i asked him 'i think i am going to be that mother...the one that pushes tay to be something that she might not be"...then i said, maybe she is a tom boy and i just don't know it b/c i make her wear skirts and cute boots everyday...." warren replied back w/ "shannon, she is only 2..."

Kate said...

miss sarah - i admit to many of these musings, sans the Lunchables cuz I wont go there!! :) and yes, I think I'm crazy to think of a daughter in law when the fabulous Declan is only 8. I dunno, I looked at him today and with gratitude thought, he's a part of me. We wish for them all of our good and none of the bad. Most days, I try and think if I've done as well as I think I can under the circumstances and i'm happy if the majority of the time I can say yes. I think you're a remarkable mom and they're so lucky.

oh and the dog thing? we're going thru a cat thing. he wants the ashes.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of everyday is at night, when my children and husband are sleeping, safe in their warm beds, and all is quiet. For a blissfully short time, I have no worries! And btw, I would NEVER deal with Lunchables. You are not alone...