March 5, 2010

I need new spectacles

Last night I went to Spiked with one of my girlfriends and on the way home we stopped at a local watering hole for 1 beer. It was a hole in the wall bar that hosts local bands and lots of indie hipster peeps. We had quite a time people watching, eavesdropping and laughing. One of the girls we saw was wearing these, I loved them.
I don't know if they'll be the same on me as on the bun-wearing dark haired girl with the requisite plaid shirt/skinny jeans combo but they sure were cute.


Jess said...

I love those! I actually just got new glasses too. Lens Crafters had a huge sale. I got these in tortoise:

You may like them. The black pair is pretty similar to those Ray Bans.


Beatriz said...

Those are so cute!! I think glasses add so much character. I would wear them now but my eyesight is so bad that they look like coke bottles on my face and my eyes are reduced to little specs... Not cute. Maybe after Lasik!

Love your blog. I'll be keeping up with it!


Jess said...

oooh! I really like these. I ahve sililar Dolce and Gabbana ones, but the frames are slightly larger. You should get them!

dreamday said...

yes, i can picture that girl! love the look!!!
too bad we missed each other, i'm thinking spiked! march 16th...the "hot birds and the chili sauce" sound insanely fun! girlfriend meet up, i'll bring mine you bring yours!

sarisary said...

i have these! it was a splurge for me, but i love them. and because i love them so much, i actually wear my glasses on a regular basis now - three cheers to safe driving, hah!