September 1, 2008


I hope that everyone had a wonderful three day weekend. Mine was pretty tame but fun! Friday night we went bowling with a group of friends for my sister-in-laws birthdays and that's always good times. This time we decided to shake it up a bit with some interpretive bowling. A little tricky but mighty funny after a couple cocktails! Then Sunday I spent the better part of my day in traffic school. Ick! My first speeding ticket ever, I probably shouldn't talk about it too much because I might jinx myself and get another.

Total side note - My husband has Sirius radio in his car and I unfortunately don't. I usually drive his car if I can because mine is a gas guzzling tank. Well yay for me this weekend while out running errands I got to listen to the Whatever Marathon with Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppleman Hutt. Do you ever listen to them? They are hilarious! Anyhoo I knew they had a blog and I always think I need to look at it and then I forget the moment I step foot in my house. This time I didn't forget and now I'm in love with it, you should check it out. Alexis is an extraordinary baker with photos and recipes to boot and Jennifer is just well a cool chick.

Please however don't say how sad it is that I get my kicks driving around in a car listening to the radio because I do know this. I've turned lamer than I ever thought possible. Oh well what's a mom to do?


jenn said...

There is nothing like Interpretive BOWLING!!! I totally had fun on Friday... everyone I tell about bowling thinks its hilariuos that we do that!!!

~alison said...

That is cute. I am checking out the Whatever blog! Thanks

mybelle68 said...

I love Jennifer and Alexis they are tons of fun, you just can't expect "Martha" from Alexis. More like a the daughter of Howard Stern, but a baker and neat freak. They are out ther and make me laugh. I'm glad I'm not the only one listening.