September 25, 2008

Packing dilemma

In a couple weeks I'm headed to Napa for a long weekend with my husband's family (no kids). Truth be told I can't wait! No rushing, lots of fun restaurants, wine drinking, hopefully a little shopping; sounds perfect right? Well I hate packing and now I have to plan for weather that will be quite unlike what we have going on in this hot, hot desert.

Any suggestions? I wish I could have a magic outfit planning genie at my disposal. I that it would make my life much more manageable.


I *Heart* You said...

layers are your friend! pack so you can pile on or peel off as needed. living in texas i know your packing pain! it is a bajillion degrees here almost year round so packing for other climates really throws me for a loop. have fun sweets!

mybelle68 said...

Hey I'm packing right know for Napa as we speak. ( leaving my 2 boys too) This week coming is going to be warm, so I'm a little bummed no nippy weather. But for you.... a lot can happen in 2 weeks. SOOO Where are you staying and eating??? Even better were are you going to be drinking?
I'll let you know whats the deal for packing when I get back, Next Friday.

Jennifer said...

The picture made my mouth water. I am like Homer Simpson and his dounuts, except mine woudl be...


Sarah's Fab Day said...

Paige - Layers, layers, layers. It will be my new mantra, thanks.

MyBelle - I will update on my itinerary when plans are firmed up. I'm dying to hear all about your trip so please share your deets when you get back.

Michelle said...

Napa is usually still fairly warm in October. I second the layers suggestion. Not to mention, if you're anything like me, a glass or two of wine and you're warmed up!

jora said...

So fun! Do you read Emilystyle? She has these great "What to Wear" features. I did a search for "Napa" and nothing really came up, but this one ("France and Italy in the Fall") seemed like it could work for you in Napa. Where are you staying/eating/wine tasting??

jora said...

Oops, here's the link:

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Jenn - If it's the jenn I think it is I can totally hear you saying, ""! :)

Michelle - You're right after a glass or two I'm nice and toasty, good thinking.

Jora - Thanks for the link it's perfect! Not to mention her suggestions are quite easy on the pocketbook. I'm a new fan of Emily Style.

Sarah Danielle said...

agreed with "i heart you" - layering is key!

When I am traveling these are my top 10 go to peices:

1. a day to night dress (something I can through a cardigan over and belt it for day - wrap a pashmina around my shoulders, tights and heels for night)
2. jeans
3. cashmere cardigan
4. pashmina wrap
5. pair of flats for day tripping
6. pair of heels for night outings
7. a bold peice of costume jewelry (to dress up anything)
8. a simple t shirt or oxford
9. tasteful lingerie (because you never know!)
10. a clutch bag (keep it in your big everyday bag so you can easily swap to the clutch for evenings)

Have fun!!

Claire, said...

In Napa it could be 99º or 45º depending on the day, time and shadow one stands in. We,in SF bay area, are having amazing weather past few weeks (months), very warm days, pretty cool evenings. I hope you have a great trip.
Pack casual: jeans, cute shoes, walking shoes, tank tops, and cashmere or cotton sweaters.

amber {daisy chain} said...

Napa is about 20 minutes from me in Sonoma, I'll email you with my list of "musts', hopefully you haven't left yet!