September 10, 2008

TV Report Card

Good blend of great clothes, love triangles and subterfuge. Thankfully not too much of the annoying Cleaver-Humphrey's. Lots of Blair, that's a good thing.

It was just ehhh.

90210: C+
Nothing special but much better than last week. It's kinda sad when the most exciting part of the storyline is for Kelly Taylor. I will keep watching though until it just gets unbearable, but since it was better than last week I'm hoping for good things.

Still ungraded: Rachel Zoe is still waiting for me on the DVR I tried to watch it this morning but got kicked off for cartoons by the boys.
{image via Flickr}


Sarah Danielle said...

I must say - I ditto this report card - Hills has been eh? for a while now...

benson said...

I'm fascinated (like watching a train wreck) with Rachel Zoe and her face.