September 19, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Sorry the posts have been light this week I'm feeling a little less than inspired. I haven't been wowed by any interiors, fashion or even TV for that matter. Hmmph! Hopefully my weekend will recharge my batteries because I could use it.

My weekend plans:
* Meeting my mom today at my new favorite coffee shop with the boys for a coffee and a yummy scone so the kids can run around outside.
* Going to the game with the hubs, hopefully it won't be a beating.
* Moving my organization crusade to my closet...scary.

You guys have anything exciting going on? If so please share because I love hearing other people's plans!


Breakfast for Dinner said...

1. introducing my bestie, Raygan, to sushi for the first time
2. helping my mom babysit my gorgeous nephew
3. moving my organization crusade to the home office

Enjoy yours!

simply seleta said...

Hope you feel better!!

I have TWO datenights this weekend. Whoo hoo! I may bust out and drink a whole glass of wine at our wine tasting tonight. Livin' on the edge...

The rest of the weekend will be filled with offspring feedings and fun. Strictly offspring style.

Short and Sassy! said...

Soccer game for my daughter and then a birthday party. Typical moms stuff. I wish I had a date night with the hubs! Weekends suck for us cause it isn't our weekend since he works. Today is our Tuesday :(

jora said...

We are going to a farm dinner tomorrow night with the kids. I'm really looking forward to it! BTW, that Coffee Shop looks like my kind of place. I love that it's "old school" and has homemade goodies!

Altuna said...

Roller skating - thats right! And then to see Igor. Maybe a little shopping on Sunday but other than that just hanging with Jaclyn!!

GO ASU!!!!

The Invitation Lady said...

Grazin' and Games girl! You and the hubby should stop by after the game if you can! We're right down the street. Call me if you want to have nightcap!

the girL said...

I'm running my first 5k!!!

Teal Chic said...

Thanks for the response to your question, I'm staying the heck away from my blog :) Hope you have a good one!!!

Sarah Danielle said...

This weekend I am...

1. Buying lingerie for my boudoir shoot on Monday
2. Mom is coming intown to have her hair trial for wedding day
3. Last minute wedding shopping and meeting with the stationary studio to finalize some details.

Wedding is almost here!

Camille said...

I actually don't have to leave my house today at 5:30am to bring one son to swim..I love my husband who will do that! But, I will go out so I can get my nails done...ah, relaxation. I can work on lesson plans, bake and enjoy a day home. Tomorrow, Virginia Beach for a soccer game.

Love the soft.