June 29, 2010

At the beach

So far a little cloudy, but that's ok because Big and Little have been busy.

Big's been busy with Lacrosse and Little is doing his usual thing, snacking. And yes Little is wearing a character swimsuit and for the record if he could wear that outfit every single day he could. We all deserve to rock something that you think makes you look like the shiz don't you think?
(Sorry about the picture quality it's camera phone so I can quickly email them to the blog but the editing leaves a little to be desired.)


dreamday said...

have sooo much fun sarah!!! i see so many familiar things in this pic that i want to transport myself there and plop down on a beach towel right next to you! is that okay? ;)
xo! m

Luvs2dance said...

Ok first off Big is not allowed to grow anymore, he is totally starting to look like a young man!!! And Little Cheezit head is too cute with his cars swimwear!!

Hope you guys are enjoying your vaca!!

Anonymous said...

Please fix your front page and post re "track homes." There are no such things. The term is tract homes. Look it up, maybe on Wikipedia, if you don't believe me.

Kate said...

pics are fab miss sarah. loooove Little's outfit, complete with cheezits!! have a blast. oxk

mama wants more said...

Blogging from the beach. I'm impressed! (And I love that you call your kids "Big" and "Little". Too cute!)

simply seleta said...

Fo shizzle.

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

Just thought I would say "hello"! I'm back from my blog-cation and hope your doing well!