June 1, 2010

It's officially summer

Hi June, I'm so ready for you!

What on your agenda for summer? Even though at times I might feel a little crazy with the kids at home I'm going to try my best to make our time together special because I know it goes by in a wink. So tell me what are some of your favorite summer activities that keep you and your littles from going stir crazy?

{image from Color Me Pretty at Decor8}


dreamday said...

when my kids were that age it was the library, downtown museums, any swimming pool and the cherished "quiet time". anywhere cool!!! :) happy summer!

BusyB said...

yummm strawberries!!! Does eating fresh fruit count as a great summer agenda :) I love to take my little ones to the beach, or my little ones like to garden, its a daily thing and keeps them outside and they find time to get wet while doing it! (target has these little plants that you buy for a dollar and during summer we race friends whose grows the largest over summer!)

simply seleta said...

I found that specifically planning something makes it so much better. We do a lot of bike riding and outdoor picnics under our favorite shade tree...I also like carting along children's books and reading to them once we finish eating.

Miss M minus 30 said...

All the fun old school summer activities...hop scotch, sprinklers, homemade popsicles, homemade icecream, picking a series of movies, books or tv shows to dig into, finding a visiting all the parks in your town, sleep overs, letting the kiddos get bored so that they have to dig deep into their little creative minds to find entertainment....oh and catching fireflies!