July 5, 2010

Vacay, check.

So we're back from vacation it was nice and relaxing, the boys are getting older so trips are getting easier. For all you mommies of little shrimps when the days of pack and plays, naps and strollers are over vacation doesn't seem like life in a different city. It's fun! This is one of the first years it's seemed like that. Which makes me want to go on lots of little trips. We pretty much just hung out, beached it and ate in most nights. The kids had fun with their cousins and we had fun hanging out too. Lots of cards and definitely a few cocktails. Anyways so now we're home, it's always nice to get back into the swing of things don't you think?

{Little decked out in his usual Lightning McQueen finery, complete with Cars sunglasses}

My favorite things about coming home:

Sleeping in my own bed. Finishing all of the laundry, lame I know but it always feels like such an accomplishment. Cooking with my own utensils, nice pots and pans and sharp knives.

{Big has a new found love for boogie boarding, thankfully Dad doesn't mind going out in the water. Brrr.}

My least favorite things about coming home:

The heat, thankfully we missed the 118 degree day while we were gone. Getting the kids back on a somewhat normal bedtime schedule. Doing all of the grocery shopping when there is nothing in the house to make for meals.

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