June 7, 2010

Drink it :: Primarita

Saturday night we went to dinner at The Mission, I had never been there before and had the best time. The food and service were wonderful but the best part was that I came away with my new favorite marg, their Primarita. I'm totally going to be trying out their ingredients to get their perfect ratio for my 2010 summer cocktail.

{no this isn't me but it could be, I would be drinking this somewhere beachy too.}

Partida Tequila
Organic Agave Necter
Juice of 3 Pressed Limes
{image via vi.sualize}


BusyB said...

love her hair holder thingy! Well let me know when you get the recipe!!! sounds good!

Luvs2dance said...

me too - sounds delish!!

Krista said...

Mmm....sounds D-lish! I'm with BusyB - that hairband is the cutest!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

For the record I will totally try to copy the headband while making the margs.