June 13, 2010

Fat + Tooth = Flowers? Well maybe.

It's already Sunday night? Wow, that weekend went by in a flash. So how are you all enjoying your summer so far? No stir crazy happening here yet which is good I suppose. I haven't gotten much accomplished from my list last weekend. I guess we worked on handwriting so that's a plus. I did attempt to get the black out fabric to line the curtains but when I went to the store they were all out, so that was a big fat fail. Don't you hate that when you load the kids up in the 100+ degrees to go to the store and it's a bust? Arrgh, so annoying. And while we're on the subject of failure I've been working out like a freak to once and for all get rid of that unbearable stomach fat that hangs on after kids and it's not budging. It's decided to stick around forever so maybe I'll have that dessert after all, what the hell right? And did I tell you that my darling Little hit his tooth and now it's a goner and it's gray? Things have been a little nuts around here with the fat and the tooth and all. Maybe I just need to smile and make myself and bunch of pretty posies.

Don't worry I'm not all complaints the littles and I went to church tonight and they were angels (which always makes my day). Then the three of us went out to dinner and they continued their angel ways all the way through dinner, tubs and stories. Bedtime was touch and go for a minute but I could forgive them for not wanting to go to bed because secretly I didn't want them to go to bed either, we could have all stayed up and played.
So enough about me, what's going on with you?
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Amber's Notebook said...

oh no his poor tooth =( However flowers do have a way of making things a little better, gingham ribbon helps as well.

mamacita said...

It's too hot and I don't feel like doing anything. I'm declaring it the Summer of Netflix.

Luvs2dance said...

Though I did get a night with you, I'm still in need of some play time of the kiddos, Glad yoy havea nice ending to your week!

BusyB said...

ouch! well sounds like your weekend ended great hope that your week starts and ends that way as well!!!