October 21, 2008


We all know that Gossip Girl is my fave, well imagine my delight when I found Ralph Lauren's Rugby. I l-l-love it! Now I can channel my Upper East sider.

Last night was a goody wasn't it?


hollylynn said...

k, i'm a little comment happy, but i just have to say that gg was AMAZING. i love chuck more every day. and is it just me, or is blair getting more gorgeous by the episode?

i'm sure you saw the commercial that i*heart*you posted with the britney spears song. tres cool.

this one said...

come vist me in dc. we have a huge store here.

and we can sit and crink coffee at the cafe too.

Srilu viene said...

no way! GG is my guilty pleasure too, much to my husband's chagrin! :)