October 18, 2008

Happy Weekend!

My plans:
*Family in town
*Possibly heading here if I have time
*The usual suspects, cleaning and the like
*Celebrity Ball tonight
*Trying to get a picture of my dogs for Erika's contest

What on the books this weekend for you?

The above dog isn't my little Stella, it's what I imagined she would have looked like if we got her as a pup-pup.


Fifi Flowers said...

HOW STRANGE! My son just made me watch UNDERDOG the movie with him... and here is your dog post... and a dog looking like Underdog!
ON the books this weekend... I would like to lounge as I sid on my blog yesterday making reference to YOU... but I believe house cleaning and maybe a car/music fest... hmmm
ENJOY your weekend... come take a little trip to Africa with me... oh that's right... I'll be in Africa this weekend... don't tell anyone the truth about my whereabouts...lol

Style Court said...

What a precious dog! I like glossy black doors too, by the way :)