December 10, 2009

One more Santa explanation

Earlier today I read a post by Laura Casey discussing how to explain the in and outs of Santa. You know the never ending questions like, "How does he get into the house if we don't have a chimney?" My stock answer to these sticky situations is simply, "He's magic". This explanation works every time, kids know you can't question magic. So we've had it good around here lately, the kids have been on the better side of well behaved because they know good ole' Saint Nick is watching. (I admit I break into song often to remind them).

Well tonight we had a full blown crisis because Big had a hard night. Lots of whining, crying, not listening and the end result was I had to raise my voice on several occasions and privileges were taken away. No big deal you say, all kids are like this. Well you're right, but not around Christmas. So then we had 45 minutes of crying because he was sure that Santa was only going to bring him rocks and coal because he was so naughty. I tried to explain that I knew for certain Santa was going to bring him presents. He is usually very good so I tried to reason with him maybe if he just tried to be extra good tomorrow it would work itself out. No go, more tears. I tried cuddling, hugs, singing Christmas songs, talking about fun things but nothing worked. Finally I had the bright idea of asking Daddy to email Santa to double check if he was still on the nice list. Done and done in 10 seconds no more tears or worries because Super Daddy could just get him on the Blackberry, and yes thankfully he was still on the nice list.


Little Ems said...

Hahaha, poor little. So glad I missed that though!

Heather said...

Oh, that's so cute! Poor little big.
Did you happen to watch the last Modern Family episode on Wed night? Hysterical!

Kate said...

Oh miss sarah - invoking the BB was GENIUS. And where did you find Felt & Wire? Signed up. Also genius. THANK YOU! xoKS