December 18, 2009

Getting in the spirit

Today I'm off to the North to play in some snow and hopefully really get into the Christmas spirit. We still haven't told the kids about the train so cross your fingers that they love it. What are some of the favorite things that your family does around the holidays? I love to hear about holiday traditions because I'm always up for adding some more at our house.

Have a very happy weekend friends!


Courtney said...

Safe travels Sarah and Merry Merry Christmas!!

The Rural Socialite said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I'm new to your blog and am enjoying browsing around.
My family tradition is to play Bingo on Christmas Eve night. When my grandmother was living, we played for hours at her house every year. She's passed away, but my mom got me my own Bingo set for Christmas last year, and now I can continue the tradition!