October 1, 2009

Trainwreck TV

Last night while I was doing my late night TV watching I somehow stopped on Toddlers and Tiaras. I can't explain why I watched it maybe it was curiosity but after a couple of minutes I had to stick it out and watch the rest, it was like a train wreck. Have any of you watched it? It's mortifying. I'm not trying to knock pageant girls (more just the pushy, crazy pageant parents) but here are a few of the snippets that I caught last night.

  • As she's being introduced, "Miss (don't remember) is 10 months old and she likes drooling and laughing"...LAME. A baby in a pageant?
  • Another 8 year old called herself, "smokin' hot". Wow, really is that so appropriate? The same 8 year olds parents were praising the qualities of Mountain Dew for the morning of the pageant because their girl was tired. WTF?!
  • They spend $1500 on a dress for a pageant where you can at best win a $600 savings bond. Not to mention spray tanning, nails, hair, fake teeth, travel costs, etc to go to the pageant. Hmmm...not a very good investment if you asked me.
I suppose parents spending money on pageants isn't any different than paying for club sports where you train year round but to me it's just doesn't feel the same. Don't get me wrong I will never watch this trash again but my question is who is watching it? Is it parents who want to be in the know for pageants or is it people like me who watch it once and can't seem to change the channel?


Luvs2dance said...

That would be me - in fact I DVR'd the series last year, beacuse I couldn't get enough...I loved that it was such TRASH and at the same time was enraged at the parents.

Maybe beacuse I don't have kids I continue to watch and I think it reminds me of "those" studio moms I knew back from the Dance studio days - those women are even worse!!

Kalee said...

I've been involved in theatre, dance, and music since I was little. So, crazy parents? I've seen almost everything.

However, I just started catching this when it was on t.v. because it is a freakin' train wreck! And it tortures my husband when I put it on, because he can. not. look. away. He gets at least as upset as I do at parents, and we've discussed why we don't want to be these people if we have a little girl.

Oh, and try and find one from a week or two ago with a little blonde girl who was so sexual my husband compared her parents to pimps. It was beyond horrible.

amber {daisy chain} said...

so gross. I can't bring myself to watch, it's against everything I teach my daughter! And the parents must be total freaks - there's no other explanation.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Amber - Don't watch it! It was a total fluke that I did and I'm embarrassed to admit it. Oh well. I couldn't even put pictures of the girls on the blog because that's just too gross.

Jenn & Kalee - I can totally see how you get sucked into this show that's for sure. Is it just me or do you want to shake those freaky parents?

Melissa Jade said...

what's most tragic is the audiences at those events. It is ONLY parents of participants. And the judges get PAID a great deal to overcharge these people. And like 10 awards are given out for every age range!!! How is that in anyway rewarding?

Michelle said...

And I thought being a cheer coach had me seeing everything. The pagent parents are worse if that is possible. I can't watch those shows, it skeeves me out to see little children being dressed as adults, spray tanned, et al.

Heather said...

Ohhh it's so awful! I watched ONCE, and it was more than enough, but once you look at it, you have to see it to the end. Of the show. Not the series. It's just bizarre.

Heather said...

P.S. I just added you to my blogroll. I'm cleaning house, and thought I'd add my blogging friends! ...for what it's worth! Keep up the fun posts!

simply seleta said...

I've seen this show in snippets when working out, and almost GAG every time. These POOR LITTLE GIRLS! They are being trained to think ALL of their self worth is wrapped up in their looks and cheap crowns.


They are human beings, not pets. And the parents? They are scarier than ever. I know it's extreme, but I don't think those things should be legal. It's sick!

Yikes, somebody dump a glass of ice water on me. I need to cool off. Ha!!!