October 8, 2009

Inspired by RIFLE

This morning loved these cloth covers...

found at RIFLE


SoFiA said...

Ooh. Those cloth covers are cool!

I gave you an award!
Go here http://86ksbl05.blogspot.com/ to check it out!


Shelbylynn said...

Don't you love old books.!! They are so wonderful for decorating.
Love your blog.

Ivy said...

Have you seen the new penguin classics that come out in like a week. They have neat cloth covers and I am buying all 10 to put on my book shelf. Sadly... I have seen more of them as movies and I haven't read them so I will read my new pretty ones. I will post a link in a bit. I need to find it!

Ivy said...

ok... so here is a link to my blog and the post I did on the books from penguin. I bet you love them.