February 7, 2009

Why do I love Bravo so?

You all know by now that I will watch any s*&t that Bravo is selling and I really, really, REALLY want to know how Patti's hair is always so shiny? I'm sure she gets a blowout before she tapes but still, her hair is like otherworldly shiny. How does one get such glossy locks?

Just for the record her hair is always as shiny as example shown; every episode. Oh and just be honest if you were single would you be one in the Millionaire Matchmaker's stable? I mean come on with guys like the Roller Skater/Documentary Film Maker would you really do it?

[image via Bravo]


hollylynn said...

funny, i was just talking to my girlfriends about this very show and i asked this very question.

i would SO do it.

but i know that patti would make me extensions, lypo and a spray tan.

but i would do it.

Haven and Home said...

HaHa, I love Bravo TV too. Her hair is really shiny now that I look at it...

simply seleta said...

The only time I see her is if it's on the TV during my work out. And I stare at her the whole time, thinking, "is she beautiful? yes, she is. is she really b*tchy? yes, she is. do I even like her? yes, I do."

I find her very to be a very compelling person. It's like I'm distracted while I watch her talk to rich, absurd, immature bachelors and instead want to see her house, her design style, her personal life, etc.

I guess I'm weird.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I know Seleta I like her too and would love to see what her home looks like. She's like a mother hen and I love how she putls those silly bachelors in their place.

Jessie said...


Must be.