February 3, 2009

Thanks friend

This is Seleta

This is her beautiful home (and she has 4, yes 4 kids).

This is what she said to me yesterday:
Oooh, I hate that "transition time" with offspring after a trip. It's rough. I'm throwing out a few ideas for cheer.

Option a)Retail therapy binge and purge. Scope a favorite store and find something expensive and glam. Try it on. Put it on hold. Leave. Go home and pour a glass of wine or bake brownies.

Option b)Meet a friend for lunch or mani/pedi. If that's not an option I'll settle for a chatty phone call

Option c)Glass of wine after kiddo put-downs and go play in your closet. Plan the next day's outfit; pick out something you wouldn't normally wear on a regular day. Clearly the least expensive and most creative option.
Besides, everything feels better with wine on a partially empty stomach.

Option d)Internet retail therapy. Very dangerous. Don't recommend this one. Just ask my Visa statement or husband.

I just have to thank her for making me laugh on one of those days. She has become one of my favorite blog friends and her humor and style are infectious so make sure you check out her blog daily, it's a goody.

Thanks Seleta for being so cool!


Marge said...

What a gorgeous home and hilarious commentary! Thanks so much for passing her blog along-- I've already started reading. :)

simply seleta said...

You are so cool. Thanks for my morning giggle and happy feeling!

I think you just made my day.


pve design said...

Seleta has simply saved me on many occasion.
She is my go to for permission to treat myself.

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

Her blog is great! Thanks for sharing!!