February 11, 2009

Taking all ideas

Ugh, it's Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong I love the red and pink, the hearts, the cards I just don't love trying to figure out something fun to do for the family. Should I make a Valentine's Day brunch, dinner? Maybe I should just do a cute, kid friendly table and make something everyone will eat. Any ideas because I'm stumped.

[image via martha]


I *Heart* You said...

a valentine family breakfast with heart shaped pancakes sounds good (and easy)! last night i made a "valentine box" with my niece with a slit in the top for all the family members to drop their valentines to her in it. she had a great time doing it and it becomes and instant keepsake.

ps- that pic has me all kinds of hungry!

Pittsy said...

Because we are strange like that we'll probably heart our way through all our meals, starting with heart pancakes, heart sandwiches and then a simple heart shaped pasta dinner for the kids. The husband and I are going to do it up a little better after they are in bed and enjoy a lovely dinner for two. It's the best of both worlds.

simply seleta said...

I know, there's a lot of pressure on mommy for some reason on V-day. I feel the same way.

What about a "family dinner" first where the kids get a little buffet (that's easy for mommy to put together). A couple of trinkets for the kids on their plates as a Valentine surprise.

Then order take-out, pop popcorn and watch a favorite movie for mommy and daddy when kiddies are in bed. A recent fav for us was the James Bond "Casino Royale". Killer outfits in it! You can pop the popcorn and bury little treasures in it as a gift for husband. They can be coupons from you, a new watch, his favorite candy, a love note rolled up with red ribbon. Fun fun!!!