July 28, 2008


Saturday my mom and I got some good ole' shopping in. We weren't looking for anything we were just doing a little window shopping at a few of our favorite shops, which is my favorite thing to do. Our first stop was Domestic Bliss, which is such cute shop that has all sorts of lovely furniture, home accessories and clothing.

They just opened a studio next to their shop that has lots of classes, including ones taught by Heather Bailey. The space is beyond cute I would love to settle in there for some me time, you can check out their blog here.

Next we hopped on the freeway and went to Willows. This is the store that I would love to just move right into. I found some gorgeous pendant lights there that would be perfect over my island, I just need to talk the hubs into it.
**I forgot to mention that you can purchase the Christoper Jagmin tableware from my earlier post at Willows.**

While I was out I picked up the Eat.Shop.Phoenix Guide, it's full of lots of yummy restaurants and hip shopping, it was full of places that I love and a few that I haven't tried yet. They have Eat.Shop Guides for lots of cities and I would recommend them for anyone traveling that doesn't want to do the usual chain fare.

We did hit a couple other stores but I had to share my two favorites. We finished up our trip with a stop at Sprinkles (yes now I'm hooked) and I had the dark chocolate cupcake.



jora said...

Word has it Sprinkles it coming to San Diego -- I can't wait!!

domestic bliss said...

Thanks Sarah for the sweet compliment! So happy to be one of your favorites!- You are going to love all of our fun things we have planned for Fall- be sure to visit again soon! That cupcake is making me HUNGRY!!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Jora - Well now that I've gone to Sprinkles twice in one week I'm glad to see that they're spreading the love.

Kristen - Your store rocks and I can't wait to take a class.

Ruby said...

We at the eat.shop guides want to thank you for the lovely write-up! Thanks so much for mentioning us. The Phoenix guidebook is one of our our most recent offerings and we're just crazy about it. Phoenix is a fabulous city, after all.
Hope you continue to enjoy the book!
Emily @ eat.shop guides

The Lil Bee said...

What a perfect way to spend the day with your mom!!Domestic Bliss looks like heaven. I love the name.