July 31, 2008

Barn Doors

Since yesterday I was on a door kick I thought I would continue it today just a bit, except I'm loving this whole look not just the doors.

{Dowling Kimm interior via Desire to Inspire}


Sarah Danielle said...

this is a great room, I like the "cottage" feel of the space with the "industrial" feel of the doors. They marry well. Thanks!

Sarah Danielle said...

You have been tagged!


Courtney said...

i am obsessed with barn doors. they can take the most bland room and instantly add so much personality. And, of course, the more beat up they are...the better!

brightgirls said...

Sarah, thanks for your comment on our blog! I was intrigued and zipped over to your blog and it is so darn cute! I love old doors too! Kelly

Kierstin Bridger said...

Beautiful and clean- love it. Great blog too! Short, simple and image driven!

Andra said...

Ohhh...ya I love these doors. I really want to crawl in that tub beyond those doors. :) Miss and love ya!