July 21, 2008

Do you think it's weird?

I've been thinking, I love reading blogs where people talk about not only about what they love but also about their personal lives. Please see examples A, B, C, D & E. It makes them seem a little more real I guess. Is it weird that I feel strange posting my biz out there for everyone to see?

{Lovely image from My Poloroid Blog}

I sit here day in and day out telling people what's making my heart flutter (it's always goods people) yet I don't think that I share too much. Honestly I feel strange posting pictures of myself, the hubs or especially my boys because they didn't ask to be part of my blog. The thing is I almost feel at times I have met (virtually of course) some pretty damn cool bloggers that I would love to share my crazy personal details with so why not? Anyone else out there feel the same way, like you're a big, fat cheater?


Courtney said...

I think there's a fine line when it comes to posing personal stuff....

My vision for my blog has always been to keep it lighthearted and real. I don't want to portray a picture of my life or what people may think I am or am not. So sometimes I do share personal tidbits. But a lot of times, some of the most inspiring or heartwarming things I come across are things I experience in my person life, not what I find on the Internet. And I can't help but want to share that, i.e. me discovering fresh ice cubes that my husband placed in the dog's water bowl on a hot day.

But none of us design-junkies go to blogs to find out everyone's personal agendas and happenings. So a daily diary is certainly not in order, but I think you should share what makes your heart happy....whether it's a new artist or something your children said. xx

tracie said...

OMGoodness! I can't believe i read this today. I am a fairly new {professional} blogger. I keep a personal blog/website through iweb .. but recently ventured into one for my business.

I have had such a struggle on how much personal vs. business. I have an awesome friend, who used to work at the store with me ... and i bounce it off of her to the point of insanity, "how much personal?"

I've posted some personal, but thought I'd try to keep it more design focused or maybe shopping {strollers/diaper bags} focused.

I just posted this http://broadwaypaper.blogspot.com/2008/07/papers-gotta-brand-new-mag.html
... i think it's a happy medium.

it's true, we need to share parts of our personal lives, as it's what drives us to be who we are and why we post about what we do. {that was a weird sentence}.

anyway, i just found it funny that i've been struggling with the same thing ...

hope this helps!

benson said...

I agree with Courtney--if something is making your heart flutter or your stomach turn and you want to share--then do it. Some people like to be naked in front of others...I tend to show a little leg and feel perfectly okay with not stripping down :)

simply seleta said...

This is a very interesting topic.

Here's what I think: it's all or nothing. What I mean by that is once you post even the slightest personal thing then you've opened the door to more. If you're not going to post personal biz, then you better make darn sure you are posting about fresh product and visuals to keep your readers entertained.

I think we are more intrigued by "connecting" with others and their personal experiences, joys, pains, and memories. It helps us to empathize, to think and feel more. It does put us "out there" but like I said, it's all or nothing.

The blogosphere is, to some degree, an extention of our relationships we conduct day to day.

Funny you posted on this today, because I just found out about a creepy troll looking at my blog. I had to decide: do I stop letting any of my personal info get put on the blog or do I just go with it? I pulled a couple of things off, but I think I may keep moving in the same direction there is. For the most part,

I think most of us reading are a lot alike and enjoy connecting on a personal level. Besides, there may not be many stalkers looking at Rubie Greene's latest fabrics, LOL.

I have no idea if this made any sense. I have low blood sugar.

I *Heart* You said...

i was talking to my friend the other day who remarked that a lot of blogs she reads are getting stale. she said they are basically a mash up of "i love this" and "i want that" and it gets old. i listened, half thinking um, i totally do that. i guess that is why i inject so many different types of things on my blog whether it be about my house plans, music, tv, fashion, celebrity gossip, recipes, pretty things, etc. i think twice before i open up about things that are too personal. i totally understand how you feel. when you put yourself out there on a blog, you are taking a risk that people might not like it or like you or pass judgement. you risk divulging things that you wouldn't want people to really know but feel safe doing it from behind the safe haven of a key board. but that being said, you can't have the reward if you don't take the risk.

i think your blog is fabulous and if you shared more of yourself i would totally welcome it in a second and if not, i would totally get it too. once the flood gates are open....they are really open.

Sarah Danielle said...

I am actually on the other end of the spectrum, as my blog is mainly personal to an extent. I try to keep it as real as possible, which is why as much as I would like to post about the $7k headboard I have been in love with for months, I post about a similar $2k option that is more realistic for my life style. I try to keep things approachable for people interested in the same things I am.

By the way, my name is Sarah Day, (Day is my last name, for real!) and whenever I see you comment on others blogs I immediatly focus on your blogs name because it's so close to my actual name, LOL. Just thought I would let ya know!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Thanks for all of your fab insight, I just had a moment of what am I doing. Sometimes when I post personal stuff I just want to put 10 other new pretties out there so my own weirdness is at the bottom, out of everyone's sight. Strange I know but your kind words were so appreciated.

Mama Bj said...

Great question. I think about that a lot as well. For me, it comes down to why are you blogging? What is the purpose for you? Are you a designer or repressed artist who needs an outlet? Are you interested in posting your random thoughts? Are you a shopaholic who is channeling your desires by window shopping all day long? No judgement--all have a place but it's good to connect with what you are doing it for.

I am fairly new to blogging and find myself reading certain blogs depending on my mood. There are some, however, that I read diligently. My connection with those that keep me coming back is personal. Not from a voyeristic perspective but rather for a connection of shared interests. I love to look at pretty things but tire of that after awhile.

I try to post what I would want to read and for me that involves some weaving of my personal life. It's who I am. More and more, we spend enough time on the surface. It's nice to open up a bit. As usual, there is a balance.

What I love about the blogosphere is a chance to connect with like minded people anywhere. It makes the world a little smaller and closer and I like that. There are so many blogs with so many slants there is something for everyone. You can't please everyone. Those who don't connect won't keep reading. In the end, what are you doing it for?

Thanks for the post. I love what everyone has shared.

P.S. I'm a Sarah with an H too!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Mama - Thank you so much for your insightful, right-on comment. I would say yes to all of the above about why I blog, it started out as a practice for writing for a friend and has turned into something completely different. I think that I feel such a personal connection to many of the people that I have met through this blog that I want to share things but yet I hold my cards close when it comes to my family, it's such a fine line but I do love it.