July 3, 2008

Just a little house stalking

Well the lovely Cote de Texas did it again, she got the inside scoop from the fabulous Sally Wheat on her beach home. See how she stalked the Wheat's Houston home and then wheedled her way into getting a peek of their vacation home, genius.

{Image via Cote de Texas}

Love this, thanks Joni!


Carolina Eclectic said...

I love this house too! Its fantastic. You know I actually met the owner. She is very sweet and down-to-earth.
(Happy Fourth of July)

TonicHome said...

Love the pops of red and blue. However, the adorable puppy that blends into the sofa is my favorite!

Cote de Texas said...

Gosh!! Thank you so much! I'm going to forward this to Sally to see = she'll love it.

thanks again,

benson said...

I had to look back at the "city"home--love thatas well--gorgeous! So calm and serene.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Seriously her homes make me want to stalk her too!

The Lil Bee said...

I could curl up on that couch with a good book and a blanket for hours. I am so jealous...I can see why she'd stalk!