July 24, 2008

Duck, duck, goose!

I often wonder what makes a child tick, why for instance that it's always so much more fun to pick the one thing that your brother might want. Tonight well actually every night the boys fight over a duck towel, one of them is always in tears if that frickin duck towel is in rotation.

The towel in question, looks like this boy loves it too, shocking!

This towel is nothing special it was like from Kohl's or something. My Little loves ducks so now that my Big knows this it's an all out war. I even suggested that we just go there and buy another one since it was it was so cheap and Big says, "No, I only like that towel." Should I buy another one or burn the one we have?


benson said...

You've got to buy another one. But then again, that could lead to the problem that they fight over the NEW towel :)Try to enjoy these days..but, I am so glad I am over those days!

please sir said...

Oh brother love (and fights!). My 3 nephews are the same...they have 3 of the same things for each of them. Crazy!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Normally I do buy things in duplicate but for some reason I thought different would be better in this case. What a mistake.