November 3, 2011

Snack Freak

I try to be green, I do my best when packing the kids lunches. I always use BPA free (the freak in me) reusable containers but today I fell off the wagon. This year at Target they had individual packages of Pirate's Booty to give out as treats and when I was there yesterday I picked up two boxes because they were on sale. Little has snack duty once a month and they prefer individually divided snacks so that's what I got them for but this morning in a panic I packed a bag in Little's lunch. I loved it, it was so easy!  Aaahhh!! I can not fall under those individually wrapped snacks spell.

Please don't think that I sit at home and make my kids homemade granola bars and stuff because they're individually wrapped, believe me I don't. I just try when possible to keep baggies to a minimum. Freak you say? Yes I know very, very true. But it's things like this that make me crazy. Two minutes in the morning is a lot. 

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