November 11, 2011

Easy Fall Food

Normally I breeze by the mixes in the stores, everything is better if it's homemade right? Well I've changed my tune because here are two of my new fall favorites in the food department. 

I love the yummy smell of cider simmering on the stove but good ole' Trader Joe's made our lives much easier with their Spiced Apple Cider.  Now we can have it whenever we want, one cup at a time. 

Their Pumpkin Pancake and  Waffle Mix is almost like a pumpkin pie pancake. Totally delish! So go and try and be excited that it's so easy. 

Oh and one more thing here's another muffin mix that's become a favorite at our house. Big was going on and on about the most delicious apple muffins he had at his friend's house so when I asked my friend to send me her recipe she sent me a picture of this box. Ha, I'm eating crow because apparently mixes are sometimes where it's at.


jora said...

TJs spiced cider is the best!!

Luvs2dance said...

I bought the Pumpkin waffle pancake mix this weekend for Mr. Morgan - hopefully we can try it next saturday!!!

Karleen said...

I use that exact muffin mix & mix in one can of pumpkin instead of adding the ingredients listed. Then I bake per the directions. Yummy pumpkin apple spice muffins! They don't last in my house!

dreamday said...

that cider is my favorite!