November 16, 2011

Love it :: Brown

Today I'm dreaming of dark leather handbags and herringbone floors.

Maybe thinking of such things will keep my mind off of the fact that I was a crabby old harpy this morning. I hate mornings like that. Getting the kids ready, lunches made and out the door without forgetting something not to mention the arguing that ensues immediately upon arrival in the car it's enough to make a mom nuts. I hate losing my cool, it never makes the situation any better but sometimes it happens. So I will sit and continue to drink my coffee while imagining that my floors are now dark and herringbone and one of these bags is residing my my closet. 

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A French Cloud said...

those floors are to die for...gorgeous! said...

those chevron patterned floors are *fabulous*

i, too, hate losing my cool, but it happens to the best of us. i try to always remember this michael franti song:


Whitney Cosgrave said...

I love these looks - Jenn Aniston does the casual chic look so perfectly!