January 21, 2011

TGIF topics

Believe me it's not as if I've forgotten about the blog this week if you can believe it I just haven't had much to say.  Sometimes it's hard to be a blogger.  There are lots of lovely places to go to find just about anything, interiors, what to wear, what to make for dinner that night; so with all of that eye candy it's a wonder that one can find anything to talk about.  So tell me what topic sounds good?

-I'm finally engrossed in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I tried to stay away but last night I got completely sucked in.  I'm a Bravo whore.
-Certainly I can't be the only one who wonders how their house gets so messy in the blink of an eye after the kids get home.
-What new nail polish are you wearing?  I need to go out and buy a few new colors and I need suggestions. No blue though, I don't wear blue except for denim and turquoise.
-What new blogs are you reading?  Really as if I need any more, but what the hell.
-Confessions: I'm the world's worst procrastinator, I do the short order cook thing (a lot) for the kids' dinners bad I know, I've never been to New York City and it's a little embarrassing.
-I wonder if when I go back to work I can put professional volunteer on my resume?
-Yikes, my hair is really damaged or dry...or both? What's the difference?

All shallow topics but hey it's Friday so let's keep it light. Go!

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Luvs2dance said...

2 topics...
- I sold my SOUL the RHONJ, its like my version of "porn" - I go into my bedroom, close the door and tune-in, if someone enters the room, the show is put on pause or a quick channel so no one knows my secret!! Since the show is in it off season, Im a channel surfing queen!

- workingout...how do you get motivated to go workout - Im in a slump!!!!!!!!

Erikah said...

I know what I've been having trouble with: Shoes! I don't want something too high that I can't walk up my stairs 10 times a day and I haven't found something nice and closed to keep my toes warm that don't look like penny loafers. Any suggestions?

Erica said...

Love your blog!
My latest fave nailpolish Essie, Lollipop. I picked it up at JCrew in Kentucky last fall. It's candy for my fingers and reminds me of a fab trip.
Wishing you a fabulous weekend. :)


grace said...

Yes my house is a disaster in 2 seconds! For nails I am thinking a lavender I also am so into the cnd shellac for nails toes I dont need it but its a miricle. I also have never been to NY and am ddeply saddened and ashamed for blogs summerisaverb.blogspot.com fabulous and hilarious! and prettyinpinkmegan.blogspot.comm. For hair I finally tried the moroccan oil and I love it smells awesome too, like vacation also you can rub the leftovers on your skin for ultra softness.

{lovely little things} said...

I love the RHWOBH! Think it's my favorites season so far!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Jenn - I'm Team Beverly Hills these days! As for working out, just go even when you don't feel like it. Say you'll stay for 20 minutes and I promise you'll feel like you can do more after the 20 minutes.

Erikah - Flats my dear. Black, silver and animal prints are go to and go with everything!

Grace - Funny you mention lavender because one of my pilates clients had it on her toes and I LOVED it. She said it was one of the Fall OPI colors. I've heard great things about Moroccan Oil. The fact that it smells tropical is the big sell for me, yum.

Lovely Little Things - Me too!

stylewannabee said...

i think my new favorite blog is The Concrete Catwalk found via your blog of course. where do you recommend looking for animal print shoes. the ones i find are a)expenseve or b)trashy looking. nail polish is too much trouble. no kids and my house is always a mess.

Anonymous said...

Try Essie's peachy coral colors: Tart Deco or Chubby Cheeks

Also OPI's A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find

The Gap has redone their flats for spring in candy colors with less elastic. Much more comfy- less jaws of life.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Style - I love Jessie too, she's a gem! I just keep my eyes peeled and anytime I see a sale rack of shoes I swing by. I've found many pairs of flats this way. Gap has cute ones that aren't that pricey and always go on sale.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Anon - Great minds think alike!

mamacita said...

Chanel always has the hippest-hottest nail polishes. I mean, they're $20, but it's cheaper than Chanel clothes, right?

Do try Summer is a Verb. Allie's got great style.

And to solve your short-order cooking problem, you MUST MUST MUST check out Time for Dinner PRONTO. I promise it will change your family cooking life.

mamacita said...

PS I see your photo and raise you.

Erikah said...

Animal prints! I should have! I am such a wimp. Lavender? I got a lavender pea coat for Xmas and I absolutely love it. go with the lavender.

jora said...

i think you KNOW i am going to pick Housewives!! (can't wait for the reunion this week). also, i am loving OPI's no spain no gain (it's the perfect grape...not blue at all)

Tina said...

~So you would be proud I actually watched RHOBH!! I wanted to see how nasty Kelsey G Ex was. I only watched part of an episode. I think Paris looks exactly like her aunt.
~I have been getting Gelish mani/pedis and I LOVE it. Pedi lasted 2 months and mani a month =)
~I have never been to NYC and want to really bad. Girls trip?
~Next time I will refresh ur ends to seal them. Probably just dry, definately not damaged!