January 26, 2011

It's a groundhog morning

My mornings are often like groundhog day with endless phrases on repeat that go something like this, "Get dressed, please.", "Did you brush your teeth?", "Please stop picking on your brother.", "What would you like for breakfast?"  I'm sure all you moms of school age kids can relate and if you're like me a stressy clock watcher the mornings are even worse.  I know no one really cares but it is nice to commiserate with you lovely folks out there. Knowing that I'm not the only one who feels like she's going to lose her shiz in the morning makes me feel better. It's almost up there with seeing my friends kids having little meltdowns, it makes me feel better just knowing that I'm not the only one.  A little immature? Yes maybe but don't judge it gets me through those tough parenthood moments.

So now that everyone is off  I will get myself my coffee and wish I had a really good book.

I had an email about where you could purchase these Emma Bridgewater mugs so if you're interested she has lots of cute things HERE.


J said...

I feel like this too in the morning. It seems that everything is down to the exact minute & that if the back packs aren't on at precisely 6:55, the world will stop spinning and I'll crumple into tears.


Thankfully, I use the morning commute to zone out. HA!

mamacita said...

OMG if school started even one hour later, life would be so much better. They just will. not. move. before the sun is completely up.

lemondropdreams said...

I feel your pain, except I feel my weeks are groundhog day! I have two in school and two at home, but the days all feel the same with the same shiz happening at the same time every day.