January 28, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Woot woot, everyone excited for Friday?  Nothing terribly exciting going on at my end.  I have a jam packed Saturday filled with fun stuff so that's good.  But today I'm planning on cleaning, laundry and the usual lameness that accompanies home ownership.  So later if you have nothing exciting sit down with coffee and enjoy some of my latest faves from the web this week.

These gorgeous wool blankets.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread?  Yes please!
If you want a case of the "I wants" go to Greige to drool.
That Decorno and Scented Glossy Magazines (thankfully) can't quit us.  This one and this one are classic!
The new Rue.


SGM said...

Thanks Sarah. That issue of Rue was TO DIE, wasn't it?

Erikah said...

I would love one of those coffees...I had never seen the "greige" website and I loved the white kitchen with the wood and stainless steel island.

Austin Dermatologist said...

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annie said...

I love those blankets...a flavor for everyone! That coffee looks pretty amazing too!

Design Elements said...

beautiful image!