January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

So it's the new year and everyone is back at work (boo) or school and probably sitting there thinking, "This really sucks."  I agree people, I agree.  I kind of go back and forth with loving the fresh start of the new year or being crabby with the post holiday hangover.  This year I'm leaning towards the crabby side of things so to freshen myself up something bright and pretty might be what I need.

{from top photo by Anna Kern via Curbed, Country Living and Martha Stewart}


kasey said...

lovin me a little pop of yellow!

Grace said...

This is great! Nothing like a bright burst of yellow to brighten up a winter day (and cheer us all up as we head back to our desks...)



amber {daisy chain} said...

oh Sarah - that top image is making me giddy, love me some yellow! xo

annie said...

I love yellow.. and yet my house is black, gray, white, off white...I am in desperate need of yellow.