January 14, 2009

I'll take Hawaii

Right now I'm dreaming of going to Hawaii, one of my girlfriends is there now and I'm totally jealy. One of my favorite vacations ever was The Big Island and we stayed here.

Isn't it gorge? Its a Frank Lloyd Wright design adapted by Taliesin Architects for the Hawaii location. It's as cool inside as it out, all of the furnishings were FLW designed too. I'm dreaming of it now, a cool house to stay in at night and nice sandy beaches during the day. Doesn't it sound divine?

[I grabbed the photo and didn't save the photographer, so if it's yours let me know ASAP and I'll link ya.]


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh I want to go as well. Book an extra ticket for me!

I so need a vacation. Now I remember why I loved having my wedding in Jan. I got to go off to my Honeymoon while everyone here in NY got to deal with cold, windy weather!

Pittsy said...

I love the islands. I haven't been to the big island yet though. I am trying to convinve the husband to go over Thanksgiving since we have a good long break and it's a nice time to go (not as many people as the summer). I'll have to be in touch with you about where to stay WHEN I finally convince him (read: must be optimistic).

Ann said...

That place looks divine. Anywhere there is a beach and an idyllic place to stay...I'm a goner.

Jessie said...

Hawaii is actually one of the places that I have never been, but would really love to go!

One of my best friends left for there yesterday and will be scuba diving for the the next 10 days while I'm diving under the comforter!!!