November 3, 2008

Vintage trunks

I'm longing for a vintage trunk to go at the end of my bed. I was just at a friend's for the first time and I was drooling (literally) over her two vintage trunks. I wanted to get the inside scoop while trying to send her a message via ESP that if she ever wanted to get rid of them I would gladly take them off of her hands.

{image via Skona Hem}


O. Joy said...

I'm with you on vintage trunks!! I just found a cool secret place that I go for my little finds - they have 2 there & I'm trying to decide! Nice shot - beautiful room!

Jennifer said...

I second that!!! I always want to know the what the trunk has "seen"!!

the sweet life with olives said...

that's so funny, I just put an LV vintage trunk at the end of my virtual bed last week;-) I actually had one and sold it... bad move. At least I still have a picture of it sitting at the end where now there is just a sad empty space!

Sarah's Fab Day said... - I wish I had a secret little spot for all of my finds, fun!

Jenn - The only thing about the trunks is that I don't think that you could store anything with fabric (according to my mother), since they're so old they have some sniffy issues.

Olive - I love the LV trunk that you posted, I can't believe you got rid of the one you had. Don't you hate those kind of regrets?

amber {daisy chain} said...

wow. I've been on the hunt for a foot-of-the-bed bench and now you've opened up a whole new option! Love this idea!!