November 14, 2008

Art Show

Earlier this week I posted about the Art Show that we put together for my sons' preschool well today I have some shots to share. The parents at the school are a cool and diverse group; this year we were lucky enough to have a photographer parent Srilu take all of the school pictures and she took a few shots of the Art Show.

The halls are covered in a collage of art and then there are tables with sculptures and other 3D art. This year we even got a little press for our event which is always fun.

I can't be happier with the school that my sons attend I'm just sad that it's only a preschool and they can't stay there for life.

{images courtesy of Srilu Viene Photography}


I *Heart* You said...

wow!!! that is amazing! i love matted and framed children's art. a friend of mine does that with her son's art and hangs the pictures in the house and it really is so sweet.

girllovesclothes said...

just lovely!!!
thanks for visiting the other day.

collard green queen said...

Absolutley love this- I just started an art auction at our pre-school and it really took off- Such a great thing for the kids to do- Thanks for stopping by today love your blog!

Srilu said...

Thanks for working so hard on this, Sarah! The art show turned out wonderfully and i bet more than a few parents, were amazed.
Way to go, pal!

amber {daisy chain} said...

what a beautiful art display, the kids must have moved seeing their art like that!