March 19, 2008

Watson Kennedy

I found my favorite all-time store in Seattle. It's called Watson Kennedy and dare I say it's kinda like Anthropologie but better. I know those are fighting words for some of you but I honestly could have stayed there all day.
They have all of the yummy lines of candles and soaps, gourmet goodies, designer cleaning products and my favorite, gorgeous vintage finds for your home.

Every vignette is perfection and honestly I just wandered around in circles looking at each one over and over. They have been published in several magazines so I know I'm not the only one out there with some love for Watson Kennedy.


The Invitation Lady said...

LOVE the sheet music. I would love to frame that and hang it in my bedroom.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

The pictures are from their website and do not do the store justice. It's so fun! They had a whole wall tacked with overlapping vintage sheet music and book pages it was gorg!

amber said...

This shop looks fab-u-lous! And those hang tags are too cute. If I ever find myself wandering around Seattle, you can be sure to find me in this shop.

sasa said...
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