March 26, 2008

Oh no...not jellies!

It's sad I'm old enough to have seen trends come back, like the whole 80's thing; cute on a teeny bopper but to me screams junior high. Well then I noticed that some designers are actually selling jellies. Eewwwh!

The Stuart Weitzman Jellystone

Fendi Halter Jelly

Marc Jacob Jelly Ballet Flat

So are any of you on board this jelly train? I mean I think jellies have their place, they are cute on a 2 year old (I actually just bought a pair for my niece), but on me I don't think so. I actually really like the Marc Jacob shoe but I can't get over the 5th grade thoughts of obsessing about jellies. Not to mention these shoes are pricey not something I would fork out for.

1 comment:

In(side) the Loop said...

they also smell. I can't get over that part.