March 6, 2008

Love it!

Yesterday I went to the mall with my youngest son, it was quite an eventful trip I caught up with a friend, bought some new make-up, got some shorts for the boys and then I thought that I would find something for me. I had seen the Kate dress on J.Crew and just loved it. It is so bright, cheery and summery I had to at least try it on. Guess what? It was gone! So sadly I'm not sure when I will get back to the store, but I will cross my fingers it will be soon.

PS - They have a great modernist house featured on their website, it's fab!

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amber said...

ok, so by now you've noticed that I just discovered your blog (from my million comments) - love it!

J.Crew is really rocking my world these days, from their print ads to the European videos on the website, it's all like an after college trip 'round the world (with beautiful people of course).