March 10, 2008

CB I Hate Perfume

We all have our favorite scents that remind us of those great childhood summers or even a favorite person, the CB I Hate Perfume line is made to conjure up those moments. With names like, "To See a Flower" and "In the Library" we can all recall those nostalgic scents, I'm so interested to see if they capture them. On their website they have stories and explanations behind each fragrance, the one that captured my attention is "The Beach 1966", the scent is comprised of Coppertone blended with the North Atlantic (which is made up of "wet sand, seashell, driftwood and a bit of boardwalk") doesn't that just sound like perfection?


SGM said...

It DOES sound like perfection. The "hate" in the name threw me off, though.
Can't wait to smell some of these!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I know the name kinda threw me too.