January 27, 2012

Fab Friday :: Nothing exciting, just me

Just a few things I'm thinking about:

  • Sometimes when I think about the word Friday my brain can't help but sing that putrid song Friday, the annoying viral video. They did good with that one because it was like 1000 years ago and I'm still singing it. Sheesh Sarah, stop it already. So Friday sometimes it's good, sometimes a little crazy no? On the weekends when I have a lot going on I need to make sure I eat my Wheaties because it could be a long one.
  • Little just rolled into my room at 5:40 am because he "just can't stop thinking about cookie goldfish," and he "can't handle it". M'kay kid...Mom needs coffee.
  • Do fish get depressed? Because every time I go out of town our Betta fish Karl freaks out and doesn't seem the same. I get home and he seems to perk right up.
  • Leigh's Blankies. We're doing a little fundraising Sunday at the studio for my friend Andra's great kids' charity. If you're local come by!
  • The weather in Phoenix is pretty awesome right now so you should think about a trip to come  and play at the Phoenix Open. (I know it's really the Waste Management Open but I still can't bring myself to say that. Ick.)
  • The layering tutorial at Made By Girl is bomb and don't be surprised if you see me sporting the sequined tank paired with the chambray. I have both and why haven't I worn them together?
  • I went to Alt and really do you care? It's hard to explain to people that don't blog. In fact I kind of feel weird saying that I went to a blog conference. I think I need to go again so I can get over the weird feeling and have some more fun. Here is my most favorite sum up of all that I've read, it's perfection. I'll just say DITTO. Oh and if you're not able to attend Alt, they have new online classes that will be launching February 1.
{image via This is Glamorous}


dreamday said...

love the link sarah! hah, makes me smile and laugh at the silly memories.
"friday, i'm in love"... the cure. there, i hope that sticks!!! xo, m

Luvs2dance said...

We (people at work) now refer to it as "The Wasted Open" serves 2 purposes.... 1. Its a shortened version of the Waste Management Open and 2. describes every wasted fool that attends!!! LOL - enjoy the weekend :)

Andra said...

Thanks for your support, as always! :) You're an awesome friend and I so wish I saw you MORE! Sunday was great, thanks for being there!!!