January 2, 2012

Make it :: Resolution

Sometimes my resolutions are teeny and lame like, "make my bed everyday" and others they're a bit larger and more vague like, "make more vegetarian meals" and some are utter failures (ahem, tidy closet) but regardless every year don't you just feel the need to make at least one or two? It's a new year, a fresh start and it feels good to set a goal or two. Sometimes it's fun to see others goals and resolutions, they make you think don't they? It's so valuable to share other people's hopes because you never know how that can profoundly affect you as well by giving you another point of view. So I thought I would start a place where you can share. Here's a link to an anonymous survey (no judgement here) where you can put it out there and then sometime within the next week or two we can share the results. 

What do you say? You in?


1 comment:

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I actually made anti-resolutions this year: found 5 things I dont want to change. It was a nice reminder of what I do well :)