July 28, 2011

When Dad is away

When my husband doesn't make it home for dinner I often make things like pancakes or things he may turn his nose up at for dinner such as pumpkin soup, lentils or anything with squash.

Do you all do the same thing? What's a go-to, whoo hoo meal for you and the kids when Dad is working late?

{image via pinterest}


Luvs2dance said...

What? No squash for the MR.???? He doesn't know what he's missing :) Though I don't have kids I like to fix kid food for dinner when I don't have to feed the hubs... PB&J with doritos, mac n chez, mini quesadillas and scrambled eggs or my absolute favorite hamburger patty with a side green beans.

Well, now that I read through this it just sounds strange and gross - HA!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I usually do breakfast for dinner too.

Sarah said...

How about chex mix and beer. You got it no kids.

Christine said...

grilled cheese and tomato soup is a go to always!

Kat said...

When the Dad is away we typically eat a vegetarian meal!