July 12, 2011

Summer food and a faucet

I can't decide...what looks better pies or popsicles?

Did I mention that all last week we were without a kitchen faucet? Our old one broke (I was secretly glad) but of course there was nothing that would work at any of the local big box hardware stores so we had to order online and it took a little longer than usual because it was the holiday weekend. My husband was slightly irritated with me because I insisted that I couldn't look at any of those ugly faucets that they would hurt my eyes and make me sad, so thankfully we came up with a compromise and found it at a good price. Not having water in the kitchen is torture. It makes me think of people that remodel and go without their kitchen for months and I wonder how they make it through? Lots of takeout I suppose. Thankfully for us we got it switched out (thanks to handy family) and we're back in business with the water. I love having new things in my home even if it's as silly as a faucet.

{images from Sweet Paul and Poppytalk}


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I'm always game for pie :)

Mrs. W said...

Popsicles are my new summer obsession!

Erikah said...

no photo of the faucet? :(