July 5, 2011

Make it :: Friendship Bracelets

The summer between 7th and 8th grade all I did was make friendship bracelets. I did it at home, at my swim meets and probably in the car too, I couldn't get enough! I remember my friend's cousin had one that was about an inch and a half wide and I was completely in love with it.I think I spent a good portion of time trying to recreate it. I've been seeing them pop up in blogland and I particularly like them adorned with rhinestones.

Any takers for a bracelet making party? At least now that we're older we can have summer cocktails while we act crafty!


punkychewster said...

oh yes! omg i remember that was all the craze when i was about 8 or 9 years old! my friends and i would buy all the embroidery floss just to make these! we call them friendship bands and everyone i knew would sport them on their wrists or wear them around their ankles!

that's some pretty colors u got there! now i have an urge to start making + wearing them again! good for pairing off with summer outfits!!!

Luvs2dance said...

Im coming over with my embroidery floss and some sparkle - we need to start tying STAT!!!!! HAHA!

Livyb said...

So funny. I was browsing around the internet last night looking for a picture of a friendship bracelet I had seen recently online. It's blue, purple and white and reminds me of ikat for some reason. Of course, I couldn't find it and never did pin it. I like them mixed with grown up jewelry. Love that first picture!
Not new to your blog but have never commented! Thanks for sharing.


Erica said...

That's some pretty colors u got there! Love that first picture!

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Jen of MadeByGirl said...

IM SOOO loving friendship bracelets!