April 21, 2011

Marchesa on the carpet

This morning while scouring the web for images of the new Marchesa bridal line for The Invitation Lady I spent a little time dissecting the Red Carpet looks for Marchesa. A few things I came away with:

The Fanning sisters are beyond adorable. We thought Dakota was sweet well her little sister Elle is stunning.

The whole world loved this dress on Olivia Wilde and I did too but for some reason every now and then she reminds me of a bug. Which is weird because I think she's pretty, so am I the only one who occasionally spots this?

I've forgotten how much I like Jennifer Lopez. I don't watch American Idol so I haven't been able to see her looks there but I do love how she always looks fabulous on the red carpet. I'm sure her look is planned to death but it always works and she dresses her body to flaunt it's strengths. She wears her clothes not the other way around.

Anyone I've missed?

{all images from Marchesa}

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Katharine said...

Check out jlo's on the floor video. Its not Marchesa but I'm dying to have that bod. She looks faaaab. Happy Easter Miss Sarah - miss seeing you! xk