April 5, 2011

Just a little hood stalk

Are you a home stalker? Do you slowly drive through neighborhoods with the type of home you long to live in? If so good, you're in good company because I do this often. Well not lately because of the time factor but I do enjoy a little home stalking tour.  Anyhow during my hood stalks I often wonder what people are thinking. Case in point, how could they turn a charming bungalow into this?!

And imagine my surprise when I realized that this house, one I've often been puzzled over is Dorie's house! Dorie is a local blogger (who I've never met but did share these pics) who decided this house needed some love.

Much better right? See more of her transformation here.


Full House said...

They did such a great job. I would love a historical home like that. Is it is Chandler?

Also fitness guru, any suggestions on a home work-out system. Any videos you recommend?

Dorie said...

Stop by sometime! It's high time we meet doncha think?? Thanks for the post, so sweet of you:)

lauren said...

Haha, I house stalk all the time!! I've been doing it forever!

xoxo Lauren

mia woods said...

I didn't know my afflication had a name! I have done this for years and twice now have ended up in my dream neighborhood. I think it works like visualization. You drive there enough and eventually you end up there!