April 8, 2011

Congrats my dear sis!

OK so she might kill me for doing this but today my sister has her White Coat Ceremony from Pharmacy School. I'm thinking this is like their last big hurrah before they go out into the world as real pharmacists to do their rotations. I'm eleven years older than her so I'm excited and proud of her and this is pretty much how I think of her sometimes.

{Ems on her birthday and that's me behind her in my bitchin' Guess overalls dress, funny}

Actually not too often anymore thankfully. During her freshman year of college she went to the Bay area to play soccer.I went out to visit her for a long weekend and when she could drive around San Francisco all by herself with no trouble I stopped thinking of her like a sweet little baby at her first birthday. Now she's almost a Doctor of Pharmacy which I like to tease her about endlessly, because I'm that annoying sister that teases her and still calls her Little Ems or Little Cutie. Anyways congratulations my dearest darling! 


Anonymous said...

This made me cry, and you are right she may just kill you.

Luvs2dance said...

So would that make me the Annonying Friend of her Annoying Sister that, upon first meeting her was introduced to her as Little Ems and also still refers to her as little Ems!!!

CONGRATULATIONS - Pretty Princess Orange Black!!!!!

Emily said...

Thanks Big Sars! Love you lots. :)

lauren said...

So sweet! I feel the same way about my little sisters! I'm always so proud :)

xoxo Lauren