December 20, 2010

What are you doing during break?

How was your weekend peeps? Mine was good, great in fact. A family dinner and Sunday night was a Christmas carol filled night driving around looking at lights. The only low point was I missed my best girl and her Mr.'s 12 Tastes of Christmas party. That would have been a good one I know. Such a cute idea and their parties always fun. A hilarious couple and they always have amazing eats. Maybe they'll have it again next year (hint hint).

The kids are home from school and you know what this means. It's not usually holiday fellowship and cheer. I will cross my fingers that their happiness at playing together lasts until at least tomorrow. Oh and if I see another cookie I might turn into a cookie because I ate so many this weekend. Note to self: no cookie baking. What other Christmasy activities can we do? Ideas?

{prettiness via Pink Wallpaper}


benson said...

we're actually cookie baking on this end! and finishing up some wrapping as well.

Luvs2dance said...

Well Sugar, you were missed and everyone asked about you and Mr SFD!! But we will definitely do the 12 Tastes of Christmas next year!!!

I've been dying to go the the Outdoor ice skating rink in downtown Phoenix. I'm thinking with a couple kiddos in tow that would bring the true spirit of Christmas!!