December 3, 2010

Organic Junk

Last night my son asked for Pop-Tarts, he informed me that there are all sorts of flavors. He's tired of the flavor that I buy and he wants the Pop-Tart brand. I tried to go the non-confrontational brush off route with the standard mom line, "We'll see". To which he replied, "It's not fair you never buy anything with hydronated oil". Cute that he sorta really knew my no way ingredient.

{my boys would be in heaven if this showed up at our door, sorry guys not happening.}

So then I explained that while I do my very best not to buy food with partially hydrogenated oil I let him eat stuff with it in it from time to time. Then I also explained that I still do buy treat food, I just check the ingredients and it can't be just any old junk. He wasn't buying my explanation on the whys though. So tell me where do you draw the line? I don't kid myself about organic processed food being "better" because hey a toaster pastry is a toaster pastry...except for those icky few ingredients. Yes, No? My feeling is a treat is a treat but I try to at least buy the best ones that I can when we're feeling treaty.


Janet Ellis said...

Ugh! Tall order in this ugly marketing machine society and I am happy to say that I am wayyyy past that. My daughter is 29 and when she was growing up I wouldn't buy anything that wasn't 100% fruit juice. No juicy juice, capri sun, those awful colored water barrel drinks, so I'm feeling for you.

There is hope though. The Japanese Bento concept is AMAZING and I didn't realize that's what I was sort of doing years ago. You take ordinary fresh, healthy food and make it look extraordinary. Cut fruit into shapes and make healthy dips. Safeway has that great peanut butter bar the kids get a kick out of for a treat. There are sooooo many ways to make yummy. treats w/o giving in.

I could go on and on...{she's thinking, please don't :-)} Have a great weekend...and good luck with the treats :-)

DavePR said...

Hey Sarah!

Have you tried VitaTops from Vitalicious? They are all natural, no preservative muffin tops that have just 100 calories? They come in all kinds of kid friendly flavors like Deep Chocolate and Chocolate Mint. It is a great alternative to junk food and unhealthy breakfast. Keep up with the great blogging!